Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator is now on iOS!

Get it HERE.

Smooth Operator is a weird, weird two-player kissing game.

Tutorial Video:



Playing a two player game on a phone or tablet requires squeezing in as both players engage simultaneously on the SAME device creating an awkward faux-intimacy.

In Smooth Operator you can make out in your choice of 11 locations around town, including the pet shop, the laundromat, and —of course— the arcade!

Sound track by Montgomery Word!

SmoothOp - 3

SmoothOp - 8

Each player will be scored on their ability to keep up with the moves swiping along with on screen cues.  But getting a high score will require cooperation to execute SUPER MOVES.

SmoothOp - 7

SUPER MOVES  include the Bro Shake (above), the Twister (below), the Wave, Death Breath, Air Guitar, Pizza Tongues, and others– 11 total, 1 for each stage!

SmoothOp - 9

The game will also rate compatibility between the two players.  With social media integration (Facebook, Twitter) you can tell your online friends what real world friends you’re making out with in the game and how well you are matched– and include a make out shot from the game.

Smooth Operator was inspired by our Ludum Dare 27 Entry, Second Base.  We had so much fun making it that we wanted to  bring it to iOS and Android.

One of the biggest additions to the game since the Ludum Dare version is the number of characters in the game–  OVER 20 unique, selectable characters. Plus special crossover characters: TOMCAT from Read Only Memories; and Struggles from Super Comboman.