Welcome to Beardo Games!

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the official website of Beardo Games, the creators of the upcoming game Cheap Shot and participants in season two of IGN's Next Game Boss!

That's right! We're contestants in a video game competition on IGN! We always knew we made crazy, interesting, out of the ordinary games, but that will all be put to the test starting on January 22nd, 2013 when the second season of the Next Game Boss premieres! For now though, check out the trailer:

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. We know everybody wants us to win and we promise that the enormous flood of fame won't change us. Nope, not even the slightest. Okay, we might start wearing monocles and top hats, but THAT'S WHERE WE DRAW THE LINE.

So while you're here, you just might want to go take a look at our GAMES page to see just what kind of crazy game Cheap Shot is!